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Frequently Asked Questions About Permanent makeup and Permanent Cosmetics

Our Company Policy


The application of Permanent Cosmetics is not a reversible procedure. This Tattoo procedure is used to enhance your features. We have the right to refuse service to anyone for whatever reason. Disposable needles are used for each procedure. You the client assume all risks associated with the application of pigments inserted into the skin. We can not guarantee the color outcome of selected pigments, although every effort will be made to ensure the pigment is as close as possible to the client's desired shade. We will adjust the procedure with a touch up fee however, no refunds are issued with this process.


Our Touch Up Policy


The client has up to 60 days from the date of each procedure to schedule a Touch Up. This appointment will consist of making any corrections due to your skin rejecting the pigment, to add more color, to change the size, to change the color, or any type of healing imperfection or reason. There is a charge for touch ups: Eyebrows, Upper Eyeliner & Lower Eyeliner $125 - $200 depending on the labor.  Lip Liner $200, Full Lip Color $300 w/lipliner $400, Color Correction/Camouflage $100 and up, Breast Nipple Areola Re-pigmentation $350 and up, Beauty Mark or Mole $25.  After 60 days, the touch up fee's will have doubled.


Are permanent cosmetics tattoos?
Yes, permanent cosmetics are a form of cosmetic tattooing, but one that is formulated especially for the face.


Do I need to sign release forms?
Yes, you will need to fill out release forms, because the Technician needs to make sure of your Physicians care. If you are on medication or have taken any type of over the counter medication, we must be aware of it.

Clients with any type of contra-indication should have a referral from their Physician first. The referral must be on the Physicians prescription note pad, it must be dated and signed by the Physician stating that the client is approved to have a permanent cosmetic procedure. An example of a contra-indication would be a heart condition or diabetes.


Is it painful?
A topical anesthetic cream is used to minimize the discomfort to little or no pain during the procedure. Pain tolerance will be individual and can vary based on the type of procedure. 


Is it waterproof?
Yes, permanent makeup is waterproof because the color is applied under 2 layers of skin.

May I have more than one procedure performed in one visit?
Yes, you may have more than one done at one visit. Many clients have eyebrows and eyeliner done at the same time and receive the multiple procedure discount!


Is it long-lasting?
There have been reports of permanent cosmetics staying on 20 years. With the technology improving, along with better formulations of pigments, some applications may last even longer. Some individuals may need a touch up in 5 to 10 years because of the color softening. Over a period of time, all permanent cosmetics will oxidize or fade as will any traditional tattoo. Clients can use a waterproof sun block daily to maximize color retention. Unfortunately everything, including car paint, furniture and even carpeting will fade from exposure to the sun. Skin is no exception. Consequently, the better your skin care regime is, the longer your permanent makeup will last.

Is it safe?
Yes, the Permanent Cosmetic Center has not encountered any reported cases of infection. If one does occur, you must consult a health care practitioner at the first sign of an infection or an allergic reaction. You may also contact the Maryland Department of Health.  A health officer may choose to investigate complaints received regarding compliance of the Maryland State Health Codes. View the State of Maryland Health Codes.


What can I expect to look like immediately following my procedure?
Your procedure area will appear darker than what you requested, but don't worry, it will fade into a natural-looking color in about 7 days. Your procedure area may also be slightly swollen and irritated. What can you expect in the first few days? In 2 to 3 days, you will notice a crust forming (scab). The crust (scab) will fall off on about the 5th day. The procedure area will fade to a natural-looking color by about the 7th day. This is a natural healing process, and can not be rushed. It is very important that you not pick at or remove the crust before it falls off on its own, doing so, can affect the beauty of your outcome. When you schedule your procedure consider your personal schedule. If you will be appearing in a meeting or have a speaking engagement, plan to have your procedure done a full week before your special event or wait until afterwards. Consider doing your procedure on a Tuesday or Wednesday to allow the crust (scab) formation and healing over the weekend to minimize appearance concerns during the work week.


Are they applied in a sterile environment?
Yes, permanent makeup is applied using a sterile technique and universal precaution measures. There are health department regulations regarding gloved-hands, face-masks, eye-shields, trash disposal, sharps containers for needles, and a clean environment.


Will having permanent makeup affect having an MRI Scan?
You may still receive a MRI if you have had permanent cosmetics applied. The pigments will show up on the scan, so be sure to tell the Radiologist before your MRI.


May I still go swimming after my procedure?
Both salt water and chlorine can leach the pigment out of the newly treated skin, which will complicate the healing process. Wait until the healing is complete before going to the pool or the beach. Once healed, swimming is not a problem.


Can Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHA) be used on the skin?
Yes, after the procedure area has completely healed. If done too early, the alpha hydroxyl acids may cause an adverse reaction making the skin overly sensitive. Use of Retin-A, steroid creams, glycolic acids, kojic acids, and any other exfoliating peels will thin the skin. Use of these products should be discontinued 2 weeks prior to the cosmetic tattoo procedure.


May I have permanent cosmetics applied if I am using Acutane for acne?
It is usually wise to wait 6 months after you have discontinued use before scheduling an application.


What if I have a history of cold sores or fever blisters?
Before a lip procedure, inform the Technician about your previous history concerning sores. You will need to be taking an anti-viral drug such as Zovirax, Famvir, Valtrex or another prescribed by your Physician. Take the medication as prescribed for 1 week prior and one week after the lip procedure. If you don't, you most likely will have an eruption 3 to 5 days after application of a lip procedure and that will push the color out of the area of the sore.


How long does each application procedure take?
Each application may differ with the Technician and the client. Allow about 1 1/2 to 2 hours for the procedure.


When should I return for my touch-up appointment?
Any time after 4 weeks post-procedure. If not, the skin may not be healed in the dermis layer creating the potential for discomfort and potential scarring. We do charge for touch ups. If you have your touch up done within 60 days of your procedure, you will receive a special discounted price. Please review our Touch Up Policy and charges at the top or bottom of this page.


Can I get AIDS, Hepatitis or Herpes from having cosmetic tattoos applied?
The Technician follows universal precaution guidelines, OSHA, and CDC regulations, so the risk of disease is practically non-existent. View the State of Maryland Health Codes.


Why can't I give blood for 1 year after I have had my permanent makeup procedure is done?
The Red Cross regulations stipulate that any person that has been tattooed or pierced my not give blood. You may still give blood for family members.


Does it cause cancer?
There are no reported incidents of cancer caused by the application or use of permanent cosmetics.


I like to change and wear different colors to match my clothes, can the color of the permanent cosmetics blend with my makeup?
Yes, permanent cosmetic pigment becomes your new skin color, it is easy to apply different colors and shades over that area to change the color as you would like. 

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Still not sure? Check out our Gallery of Clients and see real-life before and after pictures of every day people. View the Gallery of Clients.


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